Yard #30

Nov 30, 2023

Celebrating two years of the project on this show as well as reaching show #30. No big party just keeping in theme from previous ‘milestone’ shows and creating a special themed show. For this one we thought why not showcase some of the other musicac duos out there doing there thing. So this show is two hours of tracks strictly by musical duos.

Broadcast live from the yard in South London, 30th November 2023.


KWC 92
KWC 92 [The Trilogy Tapes]
Space Afrika
Preparing the Perfect Response ~ [Dais Records]
Space Afrika
Ny Interlude [Dais Records]
Lisa Frank & Rez Ekbatan
Whisper [ROAMANCE]
Metaboman & Large M
Noier [Wende]
Ital & Halal
The Thirst [Lovers Rock Recordings]
Beatrice Dillon & Call Super
Inkjet [Hessle Audio]
Om Unit & TM404
Thursday [Acid Test]
David Moufang & Pete Namlook
Hardwired [Away Music Germany]
Laurel Halo & Hodge
Opal [Livity Sound]
Pinch & Mumdance
Big Slug (feat Riko Dan) [Tectonic]
Tristan Arp & Kellen303
Entangled Beings [Unknown Untitled]
Cop Envy & DJ Plead
Dash to Finish [DECISIONS]
Who Me? [MIC]
Donna [MMM]
Boddika & Joy Orbison
Dun Dun [Nonplus Records]
Hodge & Randomer
If I Could Stop [Clone Basement Series]
M [m-series]
No Sweat In My Sweatpants [MAL Recordings]
Bitter Babe & Nick Leon
Tranki [Club Romantico]
Hodge & Simo Cell
Drums From The West [Livity Sound]
Champion & Four Tet
Disparate [Text Records]
Bok Bok & Sweyn Jupiter
Papaya Lipgloss (Club Mix) [Night Slugs]
Makes Me Wanna (Extended Mix) [Classic Music Company]
Gabe & Jude
How Do We Merge Everything Into One [Gabe & Jude]
2 Bad Mice
Waremouse [Moving Shadow]
Smith & Mighty
Dub Song [Punch Drunk Records]
Ago & Boofy
Silverware [Innamind Recordings]
DJ Narciso & Endgame
Joker & Ginz
Free Gaza [Remix] [self-released]
Hypho & Abstrakt Sonance
Take It Or Leave It VIP (ft. Rakjay) [Infernal Sounds]
Lilac [Local Action]