Yard #22

Dec 29, 2022


It’s the underground electronic music award show that nobody asked for, but you’re getting it anyway. Peep inside to hear us run through an onslaught of prestigious, nonsense awards. We ran over a bit ‘cos we were gushing over the top bins music a bit too heavy. Read on for the show notes (AKA award spoilers!).

Broadcast live from home in South London, 29th December 2022.

“pots and pans” track most likely to get clanged [Ewen]


Wildcard: Despina - Alexa in Disrepair

Runner-up: Kakuhan - MT-STM [NAKID]

Winner: El Irreal Veintiuno - Dualidad [NAAFI]

most unexpected left turn by an artist [Ewen]


Wildcard: XRA, Lurka & Bruce - Invisible (Vocal Mix)

Runner-up: Chloé Robinson + DJ ADHD - Steamin [Pretty Weird]

Winner: Persher - Calf [Thrill Jockey]

“the try-outs” AKA best compilation effort [Alex]



Runner up: Asna & anyoneID - Abissa [Nyamakala Beats n°3]

Winner: Pariah - Squishy windows [Fever AM]

remix that you’re heading to over the original [Ewen]


Wildcard: Evan Baggs - Ideas & Concepts (DJ Qu Remix) [Faith Beat]

Runner-up: Relaxer - Candy (Bruce’s Subway Massacre Mix) [Lovers Rock Recordings]

Winner: Off The Meds - Catch My Breath (X-Coast Remix) [Studio Barnhus]

cruddiest techno track most likely to disturb Ewen’s spirit [Alex]



Runner up: Undivulged - Je Nekt Hem Niet

Winner: Not a headliner - Polansky Y El Ardor

R.I.P the reload AKA the one that needed a reload [Ewen]


Runner up: Fracture - 0860 (feat. Eastman) [Astrophonica]

Wildcard: Roaming Data - Brickphone Cartel [Outhouse Sounds]

Winner: K Wata - Bone Tags [SLINK]

best track found “in the wild” [Alex]


Wildcard: Pearson Sound - Around In Circles (Hessle @ Printworks) [Hessle Audio]

Runner up: Ben R Brown - Revenger (Black Patterns We need to talk about Donald mix) (Wata Igashari @ Venue MOT)

Winner: Henze / Alex Fuse – Electronic Baby (Blasha and Allat)

most certified, least bait edit or bootleg [Ewen]



Runner-up: Pretty Ricky - U&Me (Nick León Ambient Breaks Mix)

Winner: Dizzee Rascal - Stop Dat (HØST Remix)

Fav of 2k22 [Alex]


Runner Up: Eden Burns - Super Stroke

Winner: Despina - Weird Angel

fav of 2k22 [Ewen]


Runner-up: Hudson Mohawke - Bicstan [Warp]

Winner: HiTech - Big Prism [FXHE]